«We clean your carpet –

to the last knot»

Even the best care cannot prevent wear to an oriental rug. However, the need for restoration can be prolonged. Wherever a handcrafted carpet may derive, it deserves the best care.

During cleaning, the age of the spinning and the colouring play a decisive role.

A professionally cleaned carpet is protected against moth infestation - its radiance, its life and its brilliance shine anew.


About the care of oriental carpets

Never shake a carpet out of the window. The backing fabric may break, the knots may shift and fringes may tear. Weekly vacuuming makes sense, but never against, only with the pile. Since moths like to eat wool, they are a real problem for carpets. Only spraying with chemicals helps here. We recommend treating the carpet with our special soap which protects the carpet and thus eliminates the need for chemical agents. Over time, the chemistry destroys the cotton, so you should never let the carpet be chemically cleaned. In general, never play the alchemist yourself to remove stains.

The right soap is important

The gentle soap we use comes from the mountains in Iran. With this soap we can restore shine, life and luminosity. A saying goes "If it were possible, you could give the gift of life to the dead with this soap".


Synthetic and chemical colours are much more delicate than natural colours. They are secured with a colourless natural soap from Iran. Without this the colours could run and discolour lighter areas.


The cleaning procedure:

First dust is removed from the carpet. This is done with a tapping machine that gently removes the ground dust before the actual cleaning.

It is amazing how much dust can be often removed in this first stage of cleaning.

The wet cleaning takes place on a flat floor. The carpet is gently rinsed until it is wet through.

Then it is scrubbed with our natural soap (also used in Iran for carpet cleaning).

Silk carpets need to be cleaned by hand with a fine brush.

The soaping and cleaning is performed in all directions, constantly rinsed with plenty of water until it runs crystal clear.

With a special machine the water in the carpet is gently removed.

Drying takes place in a well-ventilated room where the carpet is placed in free-floating position. Drying takes 7 to 14 days, depending on the size and thickness of the carpet.

Finally, the carpet is processed with the tapping machine again.

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