«We mend your carpet – afterwhich it almost looks good as new»

A damaged oriental rug does not have to be lost!

Large holes usually derive from water damage or burn holes. With new pile and new weft, the hole is expertly restored according to the existing pattern. An enormous amount of specialist knowledge is required for this work because it is important to recognise and implement the colours and patterns used.

New edges

Edges can wear out dramatically with use and through time. They are repaired with the original material (cotton, wool or silk).

Replacement of carpet edges (Schirase)

Defective areas are restored uisng original materials & corresponding yarn.

Restoration of tapestries / kilims

Holes or cracks are usually caused by age. We offer perfect restoration!

The process of repair:

A defect that does not appear reparable.

First, the backing mesh is raised so that it can be stitched.

After the repair the carpet looks like new.

Edges are subject to high wear. A replacement is worthwhile.

The stitching is done by hand, always with original material.

Esfaril Samadi or his daughter Hila carry out the repairs with great care.

Defective carpet edges are restored with yarn.

Different carpets are restored according to their type & style.

These tools are used for carpet repair.

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